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EST. 2004
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The artists at Dr. Julien’s Black Lotus Tattoo provide a unique and quality tattoo experience in Eugene, Oregon. Our highly-trained and certified artists are skilled in all types of tattooing, including cover-ups, portraits, flowers, black and grey, watercolor, line-work, brush style, and old school, all in their own distinguished styles.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all transactions ensures that our clients leave with a truly personal and customized tattoo from the best body artists Eugene has to offer.



1011 W 6th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402

Our work


Doctor Julien

Bold Color Blends, Organics, Watercolors & Fine Art Tattoos

Cover-up Specialist!

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Julien's professional career as a visual artist began with selling airbrushed t-shirts out of his Dodge Dart. This is where Julien became known for his unique style and rich use of color. After many suggestions to transfer his artwork from canvas to skin, his passion for tattooing began.


By popular demand, Julien opened the very first tattoo shop in Flagstaff, Arizona, Rata-Tattoo, in 1993. Paving the way in a fresh community of body artists is how Julien became known as ‘Doctor Julien.’


Julien’s thoroughly developed and distinguished style is highly sought after and speaks for itself. Tattooing for Julien is more than just skin deep as he continues to co-create beautiful works of art that will last you a lifetime.

Robert Kelley

Black and Grey

Full Color

Photo-Realism Wizard

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Robert Kelley

Bob's Portfolio


Is the consultation free?

  • Yes, it is important to meet with your tattoo artist in order to give you and your artist an idea of what the project will be like. Bringing in artwork or having the artist do a preliminary drawing will shed light on details of how it will be finished, its estimated total cost and time it will take to complete.

Why do I have to make a deposit?

  • A deposit ensures that both you and your tattoo artist are committed to the project and take it seriously. For clients who prefer to see a drawing before they begin the tattoo, the artist will charge a reasonable drawing fee that will go towards the tattoo deposit. All deposits are final. Deposits may be transferable in some cases if Artist is given minimum 72 hour notice.

How much will my tattoo cost?

  • We do not quote prices by phone or email due to the complex nature of our work. Only your artist can estimate how much your tattoo will cost. Further, it is not always possible to judge, especially with a large piece, what the exact total cost will be. Some tattoo designs evolve over time, overriding the preliminary time and cost estimate. It is important to keep good communication with your artist about these details and how changes and multiple sittings impact total costs.

  • For more simple tattoos, we do have a shop minimum. However small or “simple” a tattoo can seem, the cost of setting up and preventing the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens is included in our prices. Further, small tattoos are more often than not more complex to tattoo. With tattoos of this nature, it is even more important that you seek a trained professional.

  • Every artist works differently. Some work fast, some work slow. Some charge by the piece, some by the hour. Some artists will only work in their preferred style, whereas others do a little bit of everything.

  • Remember, when getting a tattoo, you are buying a piece of art. If the artist is seasoned in their trade, their prices will be fair.

  • “Good tattoos aren’t cheap; cheap tattoos aren’t good.” -Dr. Julien

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Cash is our preferred method of payment, but if you must pay with a card, there is a small fee attached

What if I don’t like my tattoo when it’s finished?

  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will fix the tattoo to your liking or your money back. However, we always encourage clients to be as specific as they can, while still allowing your artist to use their own creative flair. Finally, we encourage you to use discernment when choosing your tattoo artist. It is important to us that both artist and client are on the same page when beginning a tattoo together.

What will the healing process be like?

  • Your most important task while your tattoo is healing is to 1: keep it clean and 2: don’t let it dry out. Washing your new tattoo three to five times a day and applying lotion regularly for the first three days should ensure a happy healthy healing process.

  • Always wash your hands before and after washing and applying lotion.

  • After two or three days, the tattoo will set into the skin and it will begin to shed dead, possibly colored, skin and reveal a fresh layer of skin - this is supposed to happen.

  • If your tattoo forms scabs or begins to, it needs to be moisturized. The dry, scabby skin can pull the color out of the tattoo and leave you with colorless scar tissue. If a scab develops, DO NOT pick or scratch at it- wash and moisturize it until it naturally sheds! Do not soak your tattoo at anytime during the healing process.

  • Don’t use petroleum based products - We recommend Curel Fragrance Free Body Lotion.

  • Remember, your new tattoo may look beautiful, but it is still an open wound - take proper care of your new tattoo to ensure its long lasting beauty.

Can I get tattooed if I carry a blood disease or have other medical conditions?

  • We are trained to treat all blood universally. There is no discrimination against blood diseases. However, such conditions as hemophilia, heart problems, eczema, psoriasis, MRSA, melanoma etc. should be taken into consideration before a tattoo. Blood or heart conditions can affect your body’s stamina during a tattoo because it can cause physical stress. Skin infections cannot be tattooed over, but parts of the body that are unaffected may be tattooed.

Do you use latex gloves?

  • No, we use nitrile examination gloves to avoid latex allergies.

Can I get tattooed if I’m pregnant or nursing?

  • People who are pregnant or nursing are not permitted by Oregon state laws to be tattooed. Getting a tattoo can weaken your immune system, and little is known about the effects tattooing has on babies in utero or nursing.

Contact Us


1011 W 6th Avenue Eugene, OR 97402


Call Us: (541) 434-8282

Email Us:



12pm - 8pm

Monday & Tuesday by appointment

Walk-ins are welcome, but it's best to call ahead, even day-of!

Appointments are preferred and take priority.


We cannot and will not give price quotes by phone. We want to hear from you, contact us first by phone or at the shop with questions. Contact us directly on our facebook pages or email in touch with you artist. 

We encourage you to come in for a FREE consultation and meet our talented artists. You’ll be glad you did. We’re conveniently located in the Whiteaker, a block West of 6th and Blair.

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